A Global Styles Switcher

There is various work ongoing on GitHub that explores the possibility of switching out different style settings within the Global Styles panel (for example, if a theme provided alternate theme.json files the way that Twenty Twenty-Two will).

I explored a few potential UI directions for this switcher to see if any of these approaches feel like a natural extension of the Global Styles panel.

Related issues/PRs:

Drill down navigation with subpanels

Note: This design has been updated from a previous verison — it now combines the “active styles” button together with the theme preview swatch to create a big, clickable area that gives the style setting more prominence. 

Popover menu with in-canvas hover preview

Popover menu with flyout hover preview

Unifying UIs

There may be a nice opportunity to use some of the same UI for future block-theme switching flows, since that will also likely require the user to pick a theme style independently of other theme management options.

4 responses to “A Global Styles Switcher”

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  2. Denis says:

    this is really wonderful. Do you know if this feature will be implemented in WordPress 5.9?

    • critterverse says:

      Thanks Denis!! Unfortunately it’s not looking likely that this functionality will make its way into WP 5.9 at the moment — but if not, hopefully it can be released in the Gutenberg plugin shortly after 🙂

  3. […] Ritter also experimented and explored the possibility of switching out different style settings within the Global Styles panel. In the comments, Ritter mentioned that a feature like that could make it fairly quickly into the […]

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